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Testing volume: Capacity for either eight or twenty tubes either 250 ml or 100 ml digestion tubes
For use by: Laboratories
Samples:  Wide range supporting Kjeldahl analysis applications

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Tecator™ Digestion Systems

Economic and efficient digestion for Kjeldahl analysis

Tecator™ Digestion systems are based on a digestion unit and tube rack with capacity for either eight, twenty or forty tubes. These versatile digestion systems are capable of handling a few samples daily to fully automated systems for high sample throughput.

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Convenient Kjeldahl analysis

Tecator™ Digestion systems allow fully automated digestion for convenient, safe and flexible Kjeldahl analysis. Two way PC communication supports traceability and GLP

Efficient and economic digestion system

Smooth operations save chemicals, energy, labour, space and time. Efficient fume containment is provided through an optional exhaust and fumes can be removed via the optional scrubber.

Software for Auto Lift and Auto Rack Systems

There are two separate software systems in Auto versions. The embedded software controls all necessary functions of the digestion system on a routine basis. The PC Application software, delivered on CD, is system management software that enables default values to be modified according to user needs.

Three levels of control

Tecator™ Digestion systems are available in three versions: Auto Lift, Auto Rack and Basic. Auto Lift systems facilitate highly automated procedures and eliminate handling of hot chemicals, Auto Rack systems involve more manual operation while all procedures in the Basic system are carried out by the operator.

Software for Good Laboratory Practice

All Tecator™ software supports Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) routines and accreditation procedures. Data is constantly logged and the 32 most recent data logs can be stored in the digestion unit. All information can be transferred to a PC for archiving and report generation.

Flexible and space saving

By combining 250 and 400 ml tubes in the same digestion block with the same exhaust head, you improve flexibility in Kjeldahl analysis and save bench space. The full rack can be loaded from digestion directly into the Kjeltec™ Autosampler without any tube or sample transfer. .

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