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Parameters: Protein, moisture and oil 

For use by: Soya meal producers 

Testing volume: Measurements every few microseconds made directly on soya meal at the end of process stream, results presented within seconds

Samples: Soya meal as it falls into hopper 

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ProFoss™ for soya

Save money and resources in the soya milling process

FOSS offers highly accurate solutions for soya meal production. ProFoss™ for soya is a process analysis and control solution that provides continuous measurements of moisture, protein and oil content in soya meal. NIR high resolution technology provides non destructive analysis, directly in the process line, helping you to improve efficiency at a number of key points in the production process while also improving quality and profit.

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What can routine analysis do for you?

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Optimise the soya milling process

ProFoss™ for soya solution provides continuous measurements of moisture, protein and oil in soya meal at the end of production. Measurement of oil ensures the best possible balance between oil content in the meal and oil extracted for consumption for optimal yield and profit. Similarly, protein and moisture optimisation reduces variability and wastage.

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Robust and low maintenance operation

The ProFoss system keeps on running to ensure high uptime and minimal impact on daily production. Once calibrated, there is no need for constant adjustments caused by drift or other weaknesses. The high stability of the High Resolution technology ensures the same accuracy day in and day out without hidden operational costs.

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Dedicated sample interface

The ProFoss™ process analysis solution for soya is available with dedicated interface based on reflectance technology.

• Window interface connected directly to the pipe
• True in-line – no bypass – reduces waste and sampling errors
• No moving parts
• No carry over effects between analyses

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Profoss Eye

Find savings and improve yield with accurate analysis

Save US $150,000 per year by reducing variations in protein.
Save US $150,000 per year on by reducing variations in moisture.
Save US $300,000 per year by reducing variation in edible oil output.

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The next logical step - a comparison with benchtop analysis

How does inline control compare with benchtop analysis

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NIR technology

Safe and non-destructive NIR technology

ProFoss™ employs a near infrared-based analysis technology known as high resolution diode array analysis. This provides accurate and continuous results and, if required, remote support and maintenance via the internet is also available.

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Monitoring and support via the internet

The RINA software suite supports ProFoss™ Feed and other FOSS NIR instruments. This internet-based network connects individual instruments to a control centre where NIR experts remotely monitor and perform management tasks allowing the local user to carry out routine analysis operations without having to worry about instrument performance or reliability of results.

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Quick and simple to implement

The high resolution technology used in the ProFoss™ system ensures complete accuracy across multiple instruments without any drift. Once calibrated there is no need for constant adjustments saving you time and money on installing individual analysers.

Continous monitoring, immediate results

A ProFoss™ in-line solution gives you continuous results so you can make any adjustments immediately. Even seemingly minor adjustments can lead to significantly increased yield and revenue through a better use of valuable raw material.

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