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In brief

Testing volume: up to 60 samples unattended

Parameters: Kjeldahl nitrogen

For use by: Laboratories

Technology:  Automated Kjeldahl method encompassing a range of technologies such as: variable output steam generator, Intelligent cooling water control, Auto Distillation and patented SAfE technology 

Samples: Over 100 applications within food and feed testing

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Kjeltec systems

Kjeltec™ series

The Kjeltec series consists of three models: the 8100, 8200 and 8400 for simple and safe distillations with different levels of automation. The Kjeltec 8400 in combination with 8420 or 8460 sampler and Tecator AutoLift digestion units provide the ultimate in automated Kjeldahl analysis.

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See the Kjeltec™ 8100 in action

The Kjeltec™ 8100 Distillation Unit provides a simple and reliable solution for safe, semi-automatic distillations.

See the Kjeltec™ 8200 in action

The Kjeltec™ 8200 Auto Distillation unit is the ultimate solution for safe, automatic distillation. Accurate bellows pumps give long term stability in reagent delivery. The unit is equipped with sensors for safety door, tube platform, distillate temperature as well as level and over-pressure sensors for the variable output steam generator.

See the Kjeltec™ 8400 in action

Cooling water flow is controlled automatically and a temperature sensor stops the unit if the distillate is too hot. Sensors monitor tube in place, safety doors, reagent levels, water level and over-pressure in the steam generator providing safe conditions for users. SAfE technology reduces the exothermic reaction between alkali and acid, removing the need for manual pre-dilution of samples. A fast tube draining system removes the need for handling of hot reagents.

Online results and traceability

Kjeltec™ allows you to register samples and track results online for improved operations and traceability. Samples can be registered via a PC connected to the instrument – simply click and send the batch to the analyser. You can also connect the instrument to your laboratory network.

The ultimate in safe automatic Kjeldahl analysis

The Kjeltec™ unit is equipped with a variety of safety sensors. The patented SAfE technology improves safety further through a mixing procedure that reduces the exothermic reaction between alkali and acid during distillation and removes the need for manual pre-dilution. A fast tube draining system removes the need for handling hot reagents after distillation.

The patented SAfE (Steam Addition for Equilibration)

SAfE technology provides a modified reagent addition procedure, which reduces the intensity of reactions due to concentration gradients

Compass integrated software

A full version of Compass software including all functionalities is available for use with Kjeltec™. Compass has a two-way communication with Kjeltec™ 8400 Analyzer unit. This means that in addition to sample registration and sending batches to the Kjeltec™, all results, data and events from analysis will automatically be sent to and stored in the PC and SQL database.

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