Dedicated Analytical Solutions

To order 3M products: (preferred)

tel: 1300 360 848

fax: 02 9889 4989 

To arrange service for your 3M instrument:

tel: 1300 787 477

Swabbing Program Update Service

Send changes to

Changes inlcude Sample Plans for new lines, Test Point changes, Report updates, set up of new users, etc.

We will email you when the updates are completed, normally within one working day. Just synchronise your NGi unit to implement the changes.

MSDS download

Click here to download 3M Material Safety Data Sheets

Certificates of Analysis

Click here to request certificates of analysis for specific batch numbers from 3M

3M™ Food Safety Products

Ensuring Quality in Food Production

3M™ Food Safety products are used extensively by food and beverage manufacturers around the world.  3M swabs, tests, and testing equipment are used to help ensure safe, high quality food is delivered to consumers.

Download a brochure, or contact FOSS at or 1300 360 848 for more information.

ATP, Protein, and Allergen tests

Easily implemented into your hygiene monitoring and HACCP programs, the 3M™ Clean-Trace™ swabs for ATP, protein and allergens offer rapid and reliable solutions to monitor biological contamination on surfaces and in water in real time.

Click on the video to see a demonstration of the 3M Clean-Trace surface ATP test.

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Positive Control

Positive Control ATP/Protein Standard

Verify the performance of your Clean-Trace swabs and 3M Clean-Trace Unilite NG instrument with 3M Clean-Trace Surface Positive Control

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3M™ Clean-Trace ATP system

End Product Microbial Screening

The 3M™ Microbial Luminescence System, MLS II, is a rapid microbial detection system that uses ATP Bioluminescence in a micro-well based instrument to detect the presence of microbial ATP in sterile products. Typical applications include beverages and cosmetics.

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3M™ Clean-Trace ATP system

3M Sample Collection Products

3M™ Sample Handling and Media Products help improve testing accuracy, consistency and efficiency. Our wide range of innovative solutions include environmental and product sampling swabs, sponges and ready-to-use media.

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3M™ Clean-Trace ATP system

Temperature Exposure Indicators

3M™ MonitorMark™ Time/Temperature Indicators monitor product temperature exposure through the entire supply chain. They provide a non-reversible record of temperature exposure that is accurate and easy to interpret.

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3M™ Clean-Trace ATP system

Parts & Accessories

List of parts and accessories for the 3M Clean-Trace NG Luminometer, including descriptions and part numbers.

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