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FoodScan™ Meat Analyser

Improved efficiency and consistency in the meat industry

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Solutions for the biggest players in the meat industry

FOSS provides dedicated analytical solutions to 90 out of the top 100 meat production companies in the industry. These solutions range from traditional wet chemistry methods to the most advanced analytical methods such as near infrared (NIR) and X-ray.

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An investment that pays off fast

For a meat production plant processing meat products such as minced meat, burgers or sausages at six tonnes per day, a 1% improvement in fat content accuracy from FOSS MeatScan will enable the investment to be paid off in less than two years.

FOSS service and support

More than just an instrument, FOSS solutions are supported by a global network of more than 250 highly trained service engineers.

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Accurate meat analysis for efficient meat production

Meat producers discover the value of high accuracy X-ray fat analysis

Have you heard about X-ray fat analysis of meat, but still wonder about the real value? This video equips meat producers to make the right choices when acquiring an X-ray solution, including an in-depth look at why accuracy is so important and how just a slight improvement in measurement accuracy can yield thousands of dollars or euros per day.

Meatmaster II

Intelligent real-time meat analysis

Meatmaster is a pre-calibrated in-line meat analysis solution, which scans 100% of all meat passing through production. It carries out fat analysis and provides accurate information on fat content, weight and meat contamination for every production unit – even for frozen and packaged raw materials.

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Foodscan Meetab case

CasesThe advantages of rapid daily measurements are enormous

Kebab producers Meetab in Linköping, Sweden were having problems with variations in the fat content of meat deliveries. But that changed when a FoodScan™ was installed in 2006.

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Foodscan for meat

Cases"The latest test data is just a click away"

Devault Foods in Pennsylvania took advantage of the new RINA software suite and now they are able to check their meat analysis from their desktop.

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WineScan wine analyser

Exploring the value of routine analytical technology: In Focus no.1 2015 out now


In this edition: Video interviews and articles show how Food/agri professionals are exploiting the value of routine analysis plus how-to guides on X-ray, NIR and total fat analysis and much more.

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Meatmaster Casademont story

CasesDownload collection of MeatMaster™ case stories

Read how five MeatMaster™ users benefit from using the analyser

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An eye for quality

From slaughter to retail release, every step in the meat production process at Dovecote Park in Yorkshire is under the watchful eye of seasoned experts.

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Rapid fat analysis

Rapid methods for fat analysis in the meat industry

For decades, the meat industry has made good use of laboratory analysis. Now the focus is shifting to rapid analytical methods on the production floor and meat producers are perhaps spoilt for choice in terms of rapid analytical options. But which is the right solution for that all important parameter - fat?

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Increase profits with improved accuracy

FOSS solutions provide the highest levels of accuracy in meat product analysis so you can be sure to meet end-product declarations and maximise profitability.

The information advantage

With a FOSS solution for meat analysis you can meet demands from consumers and authorities to: satisfy legal demands,  comply with end-product specifications and ensure end-product consistency.

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