Dedicated Analytical Solutions
Soxtec fat analysis

Cases “A fully validated solution for total fat analysis ”

For the first time a commercially available, simplified solution for determination of total fat content has been collaboratively studied. Accuracy and precision were comparable to international standard methods presently in use.

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Tecator Digestion systems

Cases “125 years old and as reliable as ever ”

The Kjeltec™ and the Tecator™ Digestion systems are the most widespread analysis systems for Kjeldahl nitrogen and protein determination.

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Cases “Global standard for the determination of acid detergent fibre (ADF) and lignin ”

The requirements for a well balanced compound feed are ever increasing. See how FOSS Fibertec solutions can help.

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Japan Food Research Laboratories

Cases “Supporting nutritional analysis at Japan Food Research Laboratories ”

The renowned Japan Food Research Laboratories (JFRL) explain its operational approach for ‘In Focus’ including a presentation of JFRL’s comparative study of Soxtec™ versus traditional Soxhlet analysis.

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Cases “SoxCap™ Study Report ”

Read the study on how the SoxCap™ system was validated against the ISO 11085 standards by an international interlaboratory test.

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Chemical analysis

Cases “Versatile analysis based on approved reference methods ”

Many of our validated application notes for laboratory tests on food, feed, soil, plants, water and beverages are based on reference methods, officially approved by ISO, AOAC, IDF, EPA. The major applications cover analysis of:
• Nitrogen/Protein
• Total and Crude Fat and other extractable matter
• Crude, detergent and dietary fibre
• Nutrient parameters in water and soil

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